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1900 year released movies

In the early 1900s, the film industry was still in its infancy, and movies were relatively short compared to contemporary standards. Narrative storytelling in film was just beginning to develop. Some notable films from around the year 1900 include:

1. **”The Enchanted Drawing” (1900):** Directed by J. Stuart Blackton, this short film is considered one of the earliest examples of animation.

2. **”A Trip to the Moon” (1902):** Directed by Georges Méliès, this silent film is a pioneering work in the science fiction genre and is known for its imaginative and surreal visuals.

3. **”The Great Train Robbery” (1903):** Directed by Edwin S. Porter, this is one of the earliest narrative films and is notable for its innovative use of editing and storytelling techniques.

During this period, films were often short, and the techniques of filmmaking were still evolving. The transition from short, single-shot films to longer, narrative features would take several more years to fully develop.

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