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Ways Of Controlling Diseases

1) Wash your hands before and after contact with an infected person.All bodily fluids from the infected person are considered contagious. Hand washing is one of the most standard ways to avoid infection.Wash your hands throughly.

2) Wash for the appropriate amount of time, or use hand sanitizer. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.Alcohol-based hand sanitizer can kill microorganism.

3) Take precautions against diseases that are transmitted through direct contact. Gloves create a barrier between your hands and any infected surface. Wear Goggles, Wear Gown.

4) Take precautions against diseases that are spread through droplets.Wear a face mask in case the person sneezes or coughs. When a person sneezes or coughs, microorganisms can be projected into the air. Face masks can still help to protect.

5) Protect yourself from airborne diseases.N95 face mask that can protect you against these tiny airborne dis-eases.Keep the person special room at the hospital.

6) Get vaccinated against communicable diseases when possible. Vaccination process involves exposing you to a controlled amount of the virus Immune system gains the ability to fight the virus. Talk to your doctor about what vaccines may be available for the diseases in your specific area. Vaccine yourself, if you are planning on traveling to areas that have communicable disease.

7) Clean your house throughly. Mops and buckets are considered one of the dirtiest tools at home Use two buckets when mopping. One for the detergent and one for rinsing.Ensure proper waste management.Spoiled foods must be properly disposed of and trash cans should be kept sealed at all times to avoid attracting pests like rodents and cock-roaches. Garbage also can be a place for microorganisms to thrive in.

8) Remove any stagnant water from around your home. Stagnant water can be a place for mosquitoes and other intermediate carriers of communicable diseases.

9) Avoid drinking contaminated water. Water should be brought to a boiling point for at least 15 minutes before removing it from the fire. This ensures that microorganisms in the water are killed.

10) Avoid eating street foods. It is hard to know how street foods have been prepared, so try to avoid them as much as possible. If food is undercooked, or prepared in dirty environments, there is a good chance that it could cause you to get sick.

11) Practice safe sex. There are communicable diseases that can be transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse. If you are sexually active, use a condom because it can serve as a physical barrier between your genitals and bodily fluids.

12) Avoid sharing personal items. This includes eating utensils, toothbrush, razor, handkerchiefs and nail clippers. These items are potential sources of harmful microorganisms.

13) Increase your self-awareness. Watch the news and keep track of any outbreaks of communicable diseases in your area. Maintain a good understanding of how those diseases are transmitted.

14) Understand that there must be a causative agent . Know that there must be a reservoir of infection.

15) Be aware that there must be a portal of exit

16) Recognize the different modes of transmission.

Direct contact – the infection is transferred from person to person.

Indirect contact – the infection is transferred when a person comes in contact with a contaminated object.

Droplet spread – the infection is transferred through respiratory secretions.

17) Understand that there must be a portal of entry

18) Be aware that the microorganism must have a susceptible host

19) Know that avoiding communicable diseases is best done by breaking the chain of infection.

20) Take a clean bath with Proper Soap.

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