How to select Good Tyre, Tyre Wear, Maintenance of a tyre – Automobile Study material

Selection of the tyre

The tyre selection for any vehicle is based on the following considerations

1. It should work for a long time.
2. The price of the tyre should be low
and should have good quality.
3. The tyre must have the required tread pattern and ply rating for the specific application.
4. The tyre must have the good quality
rubber mixture.

Tyre wear

The tyre wear occurs due to the
following reasons,

1. Due to the pressure of the air filled
in the tyre is lower or higher than its
specified pressure
2. Due to the reasons of suddenly and
frequently applying the brake.
3. If the wheel is not fixed properly on
the axle.
4. If there are wear on the bearings of the wheels.
5. If the vehicle carry’s more loads.
6. The wheel alignment angles such as
caster and camber are not set correctly as per the recommendations.
7. If the load on the vehicle is not

Maintenance of Tyre

The long life of the tyre could be
possible by proper maintenance of the tyres. The following are the points to be followed for good tyre maintenance.

1. The required amount of air should be filled and maintained correctly.
2. The air pressure has to be checked by using the pressure gauge at least once in a week.
3. If there is any grease or oil present in tyre, it must be cleaned.
4. The tyre should not be overloaded.
5. Often braking the vehicle or
unnecessarily braking during high
speeds of the vehicle have to be avoided.
6. The vehicle should not be turned
quickly when running on bends.
7. The tyre must be checked for its
position on the axle whether it is
placed on the rim with straight and
stable condition or not.

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