Asthma,causes of asthma, Symptoms of Asthma,

Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the airway causing mucosal oedema and increased mucous production.


* Exposure to indoor and outdoor allergens

* Airway irritant Risk factors

* Family history of bronchial asthma

* Exposure to airway irritants (weed, pollens, dust, strong odours, smoke)

Signs and Symptoms:

* Non-Productive cough

* Dyspnea

* Diaphoresis

* Tachycardia

* Tachypnea

* Wheezing

* Cyanosis


* Family and occupational history

* Increased esonophil counts

* ABG-Analysis

* Sputum for Culture

* Pulmonary function test

Medical management

* Corticosteroids

* Bronchodilators

* Oxygen therapy

* Nebulization

Nursing Mangement

* Ineffective air way clearance related to inflammation and increased secretion.

• Increased fluid intake

• Coughing and breathing exercise

• Change of position frequently

• Administer broncho dilator

• Chest physiotherapy

• Suctioning

• Artificial airway if required

* Ineffective breathing pattern related to tachycardia

• Comfort position to facilitate breathing

• Administer prescribed cough suppressants and analgesics

• Monitor ABG

• Observe signs of hypoxia

* Activity intolerance related to decreased energy

• Schedule the activity after management

• Use oxygen as needed

• Avoid smoking, weight gain and stress which increases the oxygen demand

• Provide psychological support

• Calm and quiet environment to reduce anxiety

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