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Words starts with Letter Bu Bubble economy : An unstable boom when the economy experience an unusually rapid growth with rising share prices and increased employment. Budget : Allocation of funds or the estimation of costs a department, project,etc., over a specific period. The management of spending and saving money. Budget : A quantitative expression […]

BBA management topics MBA Management Topics

What is Marketing and Marketing Goal, Marketing Philosophy

Definition: Marketing is the management process responsible for indentifying,anticipating,and satisfying customer requirement profitable. Gole: * Attract new customers by promising superior value. * keep+grow current customers by delivering satifaction. Marketing a sale telling +selling Satisfying customer needs The importance of marketing : Marketing is valuable to a variety of organisation * corporate for- profit * […]

BBA management topics Glossary MBA Management Topics

GLOSSARY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – Words and Its Meanings Starts with BO

Words starts with Letter BO Body language: Way in which People communicate meaning to others with their bodies in international interactions. Boilerplate: A section of standard text, especially a contract clause, inserted into legal documents,or instead increasingly referring to a standard section of code inserted into computer programs or other digital application. Bonafide : The […]

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GLOSSARY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – Major Topics and Its Meanings Used In Business

Black economy : Money earned in private cash transactions, which is untraceable, and therefore untaxable. Black kinght : A company which makes a hostile takeover bid for another company that does not want to be bought. Black letter law : Well known principles of law that are not doubted or disputed. Blind test: Research method […]

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Contributing disciplines to the Organisational Behaviour field – Free Online Studymaterial

Organizational behaviour is an applied behavioural science that is built upon contributions from a number of behavioural disciplines. * Psychology * Sociology * Social psychology * Anthropology * Political science I ) Psychology *Psychology is the science that seeks to measure, explain, and sometimes change the behaviour of humans and other animals *To use psychological […]

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GLOSSARY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – Words and its meanings used in Business

Words start with a letter A A1 : Top quality rating applicable to various business situations,e.g., credit worthiness and More general reference to qualify and fitness for purpose. Abandoned property : Property which has been abandoned by the owners. Abandonment : The voluntary relinquishment of a right by express worlds or by action. This term […]