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What is Marketing Environment – Free Study Material for Marketing department

Meaning : Marketing activities are influenced by several factors inside and outside of the business firm.These factors influence marketing decision making are collectively called marketing environment. Definition: According to Philip kotler ” Marketing environment refers to external factors that affecting the companies ability of develop and maintain successful transaction and relationships with the target customer. […]

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Learn Spoken English through conversation – sample English Conversation Looking for an Apartment

Situation: John and James will start their first semester at the University of Southern California soon, and they are trying to find an apartment before school starts.John: Hey, James. What are you doing here?James: I am looking for an apartment to rent. What are you doing here? Looking for an apartment also?John: Yes. Since my […]

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English Conversation With Customer For Changing Order – Sample Conversation for Learning English

Situation: Jane just received a new purchase order from one of the customers. She tries to discuss the necessary actions with Lynn.Jane: Lynn, please come to my office. I just received a revised purchase order from one of our customers.Lynn: I am here.Jane: Lynn, remember the order we received from Colors House two weeks ago?Lynn: […]

BBA management topics MBA Management Topics

What is Market and Marketing – Marketing Topics Online Studymaterial Material

Meaning: Market is a place.where buyer and seller gether to exchange of goods and services Definition: According to Philip kotler “A market consist of all the potential customer sharing a particular need or wants.who might be willing and able engage in exchange to satisfied that need or wants”. Marketing Meaning: Marketing is a total system […]

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Job Interview Conversation – Interview Practice Online Studymaterial

JOB INTERVIEW PRACTICE Situation: Lintel, a computer chip manufacturing company, currently has a job opening in its Finance department. John Miller is the first applicant to be interviewed this morning by Lintel’sFinance Manager Mike Gates.Mike: Good Morning, John. I am Mike.John: Good Morning.Mike: How are you doing?John: I am doing fine. Thank you.Mike: How was […]

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English Conversation On College Joining – Learn Spoken English through conversation, how to perform better in College joining

Situation: Charlotte and Michael have just finished taking the SAT test and are talking about it.They also discuss the next steps of the process of applying for college.Michael: That test was so long! Four hours! I really do not understand why we have to take this test anyway. Are our grade point averages (GPAs) not […]

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English Conversation On Two Students Studying for an upcoming Test – Learn Spoken English through conversation regarding test

Situation: Two college students, Mary and Alexis, are studying for an upcoming sociology test.Mary: Hey Alexis, I am glad you decided to come over to my house to study for our upcoming exam. The sociology test seems to be very difficult. I have studied all the materials, but I am still not confident about my […]