Ayurveda, Major Principles of Ayurveda, More Power full medicines

Ayurveda Ayur’ means age and ‘Veda’ denotes knowledge. Ayurveda defines knowledge about age or the knowledge which describe age. The knowledge of Ayurveda is claimed to have passed down to humans through a chain of supreme beings. Oldest references of Ayurveda are found in Atharvaveda that is last of four principals text of Hindu philosophy.

Major Principals of Ayurveda are

• Tridosha

• Triguna

• Saptdhatu

• Panchmahabhoot

• Biofire (Agni)

* The objectives of Ayurveda is maintenance and promotion of health, prevention of disease and cure of sickness

* Health is considered as a state of balance of tridosh and triguna in body matrix

* The Diagnosis of disease is achieved by taking care of various internal and external factors altogether, by means of treating body as a whole

* The treatment of disease can be achieved by:

1. Nidan Parivarjan (Avoidance of factor, causing disease)

2. Shodhana therapy (Purification Treatment)

3. Shamana therapy (Palliative Treatment)

4. Pathya Vyavastha (Prescription of diet and activity)

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