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Beverages – Classification of Beverages: Refreshing, Nourishing, Stimulating, Soothing, Appetizing, Fermented

Beverages-Coffee, Tea, Fruit Juice

Beverages are prepared with or without little cooking. Beverages are mainly used as drink for the purpose of relieving thirst, fulfilling fluid requirement, nourishing, refreshing the body and mind and also for stimulating or soothing the individual. Water is the base for the preparation of beverages. Boiling water is the healthy method to kill all micro-organisms which are harmful to health and also to remove hardness of water. There is much commercially purified water which is available to satisfy an individual requirement.

Beverages are of different varieties. They are hot drinks (coffee, tea, chocolate drink, milk, and malted cereals health drinks), alcoholic drinks (wine, beer, liquors) cold drinks (fruit juice, butter milk, tender coconut and lassi) and carbonated drinks (Fresh lime soda).


Beverages can be classified on the basis of their functions in the human body. Some beverages may have more than one function.

a) Refreshing beverages:

They are served in hot weather to relieve from the thirst and to warm up or cool down the body temperature

(Eg: Tender coconut water, butter milk, fruit juice) Plate

b) Nourishing beverages:

These beverages are nutritious health drink help to nourish the body

(Eg: Milk shake, fruit juices).

c) Stimulating beverages:

They are consumed for their stimulating flavour, taste and refreshing effects

(Eg: Tea, coffee and soups).

d) Soothing beverages:

This type of beverages gives comfortable feeling to the consumer and also gives soothing effect to the person

(Eg: Warm or cold milk to ulcer patients, hot tea in the early morning of the day).

e) Appetizing beverages:

Soups, small portion of the meal, served ahead of the meal to stimulate the appetite. Appetite increases a desire to consume more foods

(Eg: Soups, fruit juices).

f) Fermented beverages:

They are obtained by fermentation of fruits and vegetables or cereals or milk

(Eg: beer, wine, brandy, butter milk, lassi.)

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