Beverages – uses of coffee


How about a cup of coffee or tea? We always entertain our guests with this offer. All non-alcoholic beverages contain alkaloids that stimulate central nervous system and also possess mild diuretic properties.


Botanical name : Coffea arabica Family : Rubiaceae

Origin and Area of cultivation:

Coffea arabica is the prime source of commercial coffee which is native to the tropical Ethiopia An Indian Muslim saint, Baba Budan introduced coffee from Yemen to Mysore.Karnataka is the largest coffee producing state in India followed by Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Tamil Nadu is the largest consumer of coffee in India.


Drinking coffee in moderation provides the following health benefits: Caffeine enhances release of acetylcholine in brain, which in turn enhances efficiency. It can lower the incidence of fatty liver diseases, cirrhosis and cancer. It may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

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