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Cake – Types of Cake, Equipment used in Baking


Cake is the most common and important bakery product. This is served as snacks as well as dessert too. It is developed by modification of the ingredients used for the bread. Many varieties of cakes are available in the market. Cake can be made in simpler form or in rich form by including icings or chocolate decorations. Cake is also served as a celebratory dish on ceremonial occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. A good baker can prepare attractive and tasteful cakes based on the occasion and the customer’s need.

Types of cake

There are different varieties of recipes developed globally. The main ingredients like maida, sugar, eggs, butter and leavening agent like baking powder remain the same whatever may be the variety of cake. The flavouring agents in cake preparations are vanilla essence, cocoa, nuts like badam, chestnut, dry fruits like raisins, fig and pulp of fresh or canned fruits. Pastry cream, butter cream, or other icings are used to decorate cake. There are different types of cake. For example, plain cake, fruit cake, sponge cakes and cream cake. All these types of cake come under two basic categories namely, cream and sponge cake.

Cream Cake Plate

Sponge Cake

Equipment used in Baking

i. Measuring Jug/Jar:

Used to measure all types of liquids in litre.

ii. Wire Whisker:

Used for whisking egg and cream and helps to aerate with air.

iii. Turn Table:

Used while icing on the cakes and pastries.

iv. Strainer:

Used for straining the liquids to remove impurities.

v. Spatula:

Can be made of wood, plastic or rubber material and is used for removing batter or mixture from the bowl.

vi. Piping Bag:

Used while piping the batters, cookies mix, cream icing etc.

vii. Basin:

A large bowl used for making dough, batter or for storage of food.

viii. Muffin Tray:

A kind of baking tray for baking the batter of muffins.

ix. Fancy Mould:

Used for the baking of different fancy cakes.

x. Cake Mould:

used for obtaining desired shape.

xi. Pallet Knife:

A knife with parallel and without any sharp edges, used for the different products like cakes, icing etc.

xii. Bread Knife:

A long knife with one edge with the grooved like saw used for cutting of cakes and breads.

xiii. Measuring Spoon:

Used for measuring the dry ingredients in small quantity.

xiv. Baking Tray:

Used for baking breads, biscuits, pizza cakes.

xv. Weighing Scale:

Used for weighing the raw materials in the unit of grams and kilograms

xvi. Two Deck Ovens:

Used for baking two different products at different baking temperatures

xvii. Single Deck Oven:

An oven with the single deck used for baking.

xviii. Table Top Planetary Mixer:

An equipment with the three attachments – kneader, whisker and creamer for different methods of preparations in bakery and confectionery

xix. Tray Rack:

A rack to place the baked products and baking trays.

xx. Bread Slicing Machine:

A machine used for slicing bread and cake loaves

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