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Catering, Shop and Establishment Act – Tamil Nadu Catering Establishment Act 1958, Meaning of Catering Establishment, How to register a Catering Establishment? and Shop and Establishment Act, How to obtain the Shop and Establishment Act License?

Tamil Nadu Catering Establishment Act 1958

It is an act to provide for the regulation of conditions of work in catering establishments and for certain other purposes in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Meaning of Catering Establishment

It means a restaurant or residential hotel and includes a restaurant or canteen attached to, or run or managed by, any society registered under any law for the time being in force but does not include a restaurant or canteen attached to, or run or managed by any educational institution.

How to register a Catering Establishment?

☆Application to be sent to public health inspector for registration within 30 days from the commencement of work.

☆The inspector will look into the following before approval:

■Location of catering establishment

■Previous experience of employer

■Financial resources

■Welfare of labour

■Whether the employer himself has applied

■Validity of registration: One year

Suspension or cancellation of registration certificate

☆If the registration has been obtained by misinterpretation or fraud, inspector may give an opportunity for employer for explanation before license cancellation

☆Appeal against an inspector regarding the cancellation of grant or renewal of license should be made within 30 days in writing to the state government (can be extended to another 30 days if employer has a valid reason for delay in appeal).

☆If there is no communication from the inspector regarding grant or renewal of registration certificate within 3 months, then it is deemed to have been granted or renewed.

Welfare of Employees

●Employee is entitled for twice the wages if he/she works for more than 9 hours per day or more than 48 hours/week.

●Half-an-hour of interval for 5 hours of continuous work (maximum 2 intervals per day)

●One whole day holiday / week

●In a year the employer should declare holidays on national days with pay.

●If the employee works on a holiday, either he shall be paid twice the wages or one day wage with a compensatory off in any of the following three days with full wage.

●Notice of periods of work should be displayed clearly in a prescribed form for everyday.

●Register for holidays to be maintained.

Shop and Establishment Act

A Restaurateur must register the restaurant under the Shop and Establishment Act to run a food business. He needs to register the restaurant within 30 days of the commencement of the business.

Documents required for the Shop and Establishment Act

■Pan card

■Identity proof

■Address proof of the proprietor / partner of the company

■Details of the employees

How to obtain the Shop and Establishment Act License?

☆The restaurateur must submit the above documents with the application form mentioning the name of the shop, the postal address of the establishment and the proof of ownership such as the Rent Agreement or shop lease papers to the Local Chief Inspector of the shop or other Inspectors.

☆Once the Government officials verify all the documents, he registers the restaurant in the Register of Establishment and issues a registration certificate.

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