Cholecystitis, Inflammation of the gall bladder, signs and symptoms

Inflammation of the gall bladder


* Exact cxauses is not known

* Gall stones and kinking or twisting of bile duct

Risk factor

* Sedentary life style

* Obesity

Signs & Symptoms

* Pain on right upper quadrant/epigastric or both

* Nausea

* Vomiting

* Increased temperature

* Mild jaundice


* Ultrasonography

* Abdominal X-ray

* Blood cell count Test (TC, DC)


Medical Management

* Hospitalization

* Administration of antibiotics

* Administration of parenteral analgesic

* Insertion of nasogastric tube if patient has vomiting

* Maintain of fluid and electrolyte balance with IV fluids

Surgical Management

* Cholecystecotmy (Removal of Gall bladder by surgery)

Nursing management

* History collection

* Client symptoms should be carefully monitored

* Check vital signs

* Administer pain medication

* Administer IV fluids

* Monitor intake output chart

* Watch for signs for dehydration

Complications of Gallstones

* Biliary Coilc

* Acute


• Gallbladder Empyema

• Gallbladder Gangrene

• Gallbladder Perforation

* Obstructive Jaundice

* Ascending Cholangitis

* Pancreatitis

* Gallstone ileus (rare)

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