Cholera – Water Borne Disease, Symptoms of cholera, Management and Preventive Measures of cholera



Cholera is the most common disease caused due to consumption of contaminated water, which leads to the intestine infection results in extreme loss of body fluids. This disease is caused by the bacterium vibrio cholera.

Causative organism

vibrio cholera

Incubation period:

Few hours to 3 days

Symptoms of cholera

* Rice water stools

* Nausea


*Low blood pressure

* Muscle cramp

* Dry skin

* Sunken eyes


Management of cholera

* Replacing fluids that are lost from body through diarrhoea.

*Oral rehydration solution

* Replacement of fluids through intravenously

* Antibiotics[tetracycline,ciprofloxin] and zinc supplements are important to treating the cholera.

Preventive measures of cholera

* Always drink pure and safe water

* Wash hand before preparing food

* Wash hand with soap and water

* Avoid raw and undercooked food intake

*Always prefer boiled filtered water.

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