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Classification of textiles finish – Functional Finish in Textile industry

This type of finish changes the internal performance of the fabric. These are given to improve the aesthetic purpose of a fabric. Thus functional finishes can be further divided into two groups :

1. Aesthetic Finish

It is given to enhance the fabric appearance and its draping ability. Some of the important aesthetic finishes are :

●Napping and scudding





2. Performance

Finish It is given to enrich the fabric properties like strength and durability. Some of the important functional finishes are :


●Moth proof

●Crease resistant

●Durable press

●Soil resistant

●Water repellent or water proof

●Shrink proofing

●Flame resistant

Quality Finish

These types of finishes improve the quality of the fabric based on the time line or usage. They can be temporary, semi-permanent or permanent.

1. Temporary Finish

As the name suggest the temporary finish is not a stable finish and it disappears immediately after the first wash or first few washes. It includes finishes like :

●Starching or sizing




2. Semi-Permanent Finish

This finishing is durable than temporary finish and can withstand more than 10 to 15 washes. It includes finishes like:

●Schreiner calendaring

●Buckram finish

3. Permanent Finish

Permanent finishing does not disappear and remains unaffected through all the conditions of wear and washing treatments given to the fabric. It includes finishes like:

●Flame retardant

●Resin finish


●Water proof or water repellent

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