Communicable Diseases and Its Terminologies


1. Incubation period

The time taken to show the first clinical symptoms to appear after infection.

2. Vector

Any living carrier that carries and transfers an infectious agent into another living organism is known as vector. E.g: Flies, Mosquito.

3. Isolation

Separation of an infected organism, after the development of infection, from other organism, for a period of communicability.

4. Host

A person or an animal harbours the infectious agent.

Definitive Host –
Host in which the parasite achieves the sexual maturity

Intermediate Host –

The host develops the parasite. But does not attains sexual maturity

5. Infectious

A communicable disease which is caused by an infection.

6. Infection

Is the invasion and multiplication of disease-causing agents, which leads the tissue damage.

7. Infectious agent

All infection causing agents are known as infectious agents. E.g : Virus, Bacteria, Nematodes, Arthropods etc.

8. Transmission

It is the process of spreading the infection from one medium to another medium. E.g: Touch, inhalation, sexual contact, infected discharges.

9. Contagious disease

It means capable of being transmitted from one human to another human via direct or indirect contact. E.g : Measles

10. Epidemiology

It is the study of distribution and determination of disease conditions among the populations.

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