Computer Science

Computer related Short forms and its abbreviations

Important Protocol Full Form

FTP- File transfer protocol

HTTP – Hypertext transfer protocol

HTTPS- Hypertext transfer protocol over secure sockets layer

APIPA- Automatic private internet protocol addressing

APR- Address resolution protocol

DHCP – Dynamic host configuration protocol

ICMP- Internet control message protocol

IMAP -Internet mail access protocol

IP- Internet protocol

IPCONFIG -Internet protocol configuration

IPP- Internet printing protocol

IPSEC- Internet protocol security

LDAP- Lightweight directory access protocol

NNTP- Network news transfer protocol

POP3- Post office protocol3

PPP- Point-to-point protocol

PPTP- Point-to-point tunneling protocol

RIP- Routing information protocol

SMTP- Simple mail transfer protocol

SNMP -Simple network management protocol

TCP- Transmission control protocol

TCP/IP- Transmission control protocol/internet protocol

TFTP- Trivial file transfer protocol

UDP- User datagram protocol

VOIP- Voice over internet protocol

WAP -Wireless application protocol

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