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Computer related Short forms and its abbreviations

Important Protocol Full Form FTP- File transfer protocol HTTP – Hypertext transfer protocol HTTPS- Hypertext transfer protocol over secure sockets layer APIPA- Automatic private internet protocol addressing APR- Address resolution protocol DHCP – Dynamic host configuration protocol ICMP- Internet control message protocol IMAP -Internet mail access protocol IP- Internet protocol IPCONFIG -Internet protocol configuration IPP- […]


Mathematic Variables For C Programming – Variables – Learn Basics of C programming – Free Online Studymaterials

Variables In mathematics, variables are used as placeholders for values that aren’t necessarily known. For example, in the equation, x = 3y + 5 the variables x and y represent numbers that can take on a number of different values.Similarly, in a computer program, we also use variables to store values. A variable is essentially […]


Flow Control Of A Computer program Process – Computer Basics study materials

The flow of control (or simply control flow) is how a program processes its instructions.Typically, programs operate in a linear or sequential flow of control. Executable statementsor instructions in a program are performed one after another. In source code, the order that instructions are written defines their order. Just like English, a program is “read” […]


Syntax Rules & Pseudocode

Programming languages are a lot like human languages in that they have syntax rules.These rules dictate the appropriate arrangements of words, punctuation, and other symbols that form valid statements in the language. For example, in many programming languages, commands or statements are terminated by semicolons (just as most sentences are ended with a period). This […]


Basic C Program Structure – C program basic introduction – Free Study Material

Programs start out as source code, a collection of instructions usually written in a high level programming language. A source file containing source code is nothing more than a plain text file that can be edited by any text editor. However, many developers and programmers utilize modern Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that provide a text […]