Conventional suspension system – Automobile Study material

In this type, wheels are mounted on
the two sides of the axle. Leaf spring or coil spring is mounted in between the chassis frame and axle. One end of the leaf spring is attached rigidly usually the front, and the other end is attached through a shackle as movable. The vibration is absorbed by the compression and expansion of leaf spring while travelling over a road with bump and pit. Two ends of the master leaf are connected with the kingpin and knuckle, so that vibration transferred from one side to
another. These types of suspension systems are mostly used in rear wheels alone.


1. Simple in design
2. Low cost
3. Less number of components
4. Less maintenance


1. Road shocks from one wheel is
transmitted to another wheel. If the
road is irregular, the whole vehicle
leans on one side.
2. As both the wheels do not get up or
down simultaneously, so they will
rotate in different positions.
Note Due to the gyroscopic effect during turning, wheel wobble or wheel shimmy takes place in a wheel. This is a very dangerous problem.

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