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Daily current affairs – 6th december 2020

Daily CA One Liners

06 December 2020

07 December : International Civil Aviation Day

Theme 2020 : ” Advancing Innovation For Global Aviation Development ”

05 December : World Soil Day

Theme 2020 : ” Keep Soil Alive , Protect Soil Biodiversity ”

05 December : International Volunteer Day

Theme 2020 : ” Together We Can Through Volunteering ”

The Malayan Giant Squirrels Might Decline By 90% In India By 2050

The Population Of Malayan Giant Squirrels Have Declined By 30% In The Last 2 Decades

The Malayan Squirrel Is Listed As ” Near Threatened ” On IUCN 2016 List

NSIL & Pixxel Sign Pact To Launch India’s 1st Private Remote Sensing Satellite

NSIL : New Space India Limited

Kuldeep Handoo Appointed As Ambassador Of ” Fit India Movement ”

Radhakrishnan Nair Appointed As The Chief Coach Of Athletics By AFI

” Asians Of The Year ” 2020 Announced By The Straits Times (ST)

China’s Zhang Yongzhen Named The ST Asian Of The Year 2020

China’s Chen Wei Named The ST Asian Of The Year 2020

Japan’s Dr Ryuichi Morishita Named The ST Asian Of The Year 2020

Singapore’s Ooi Eng Eong Named The ST Asian Of The Year 2020

South Korea’s Seo Jung-Jin Named The ST Asian Of The Year 2020

India’s Adar Poonawalla Named The ST Asian Of The Year 2020

PM Narendra Modi Won ST Asian Of The Year Award In 2014

Lakshwadweep Administrator Dineshwar Sharma Passes Away

He Served As Intelligence Bureau (IB) Director From 2014 To 2016

Bloomberg Released List Of Asia’s 20 Richest Families

Ambani Family Topped Asia’s 20 Richest Families List ($76 Billion)

Kwok Family Ranked 2nd Richest Family In Asia ($33 Billion)

Mistry Family Ranked 7th Richest Family In Asia ($22 Billion)

Hinduja Family Ranked 15th Richest Family In Asia ($15.01 Billion)

Ambani’s Wealth Increased $25 Billion Since Bloomberg’s 2019 Ranking To $76 Billion

The 20 Families On Bloomberg’s List Gained About $10 Billion To $463 Billion

China’s Lunar Mission Chang’e 5 Successfully Landed On The Moon

Chang’e 5 Launched From Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site On Nov 23 , 2020

Chang’e 5 Collected Samples Of Lunar Soil Before Returning To Earth

The Chang’e , Named After The Chinese Moon Goddess

China Becomes 3rd Country In The World To Collect Lunar Samples For Scientific Purposes

China Becomes 2nd Country In History To Plant A Flag On The Moon

Images Of The Flag , Which Were Taken By A Camera Fitted To Chang’e 5

The Flag , Representing China , Is 2 M Wide And 90 CM Tall

US Planted The 1st Flag On The Moon In 1969 (Apollo 11 Mission)

India And Russia Began A Two-Day Passage Exercise (PASSEX) In The East Indian Ocean Region

2 Warships From India & 3 Ships From Russia Are Taking Part In The PASSEX

UP Becomes 1st State To Conduct Over 2 Crore COVID-19 Tests

UP’s Dandupur Railway Station To Be Renamed As Maa Barahi Devi Dham

Napoli’s San Paolo Renamed As Diego Armando Maradona Stadium

Uttar Pradesh Govt Launched A Mobile App ” Mera Covid Kendra ”

Which Will Help Residents Locate The Nearest Covid Testing Centre

UN Removes Cannabis & Cannabis Resin From The List Of Most Dangerous Substances .

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