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Difference between warp and weft in fabric production


1.Most Garments are cut in lengthwise

2.These are parallel to the selvedge

3.Yarns are finer in warp-wise direction as they have higher twist as warps have to go through lots of processing.

4.Filamentous yarns are preferred as warps

5.Yarns are stronger

6.Twist is more and yarns per inch is also more

7.Ply are preffered for warps.

8.Stretchability is low

9.Plain yarns are more preferred.


1.Some garment details such as collars are cut in this grain for decoration

2.Weft are perpendicular to selvedge

3.Yarns may be thicker or finer with medium twist

4.Spun yarns are used

5.Weaker yarns can also be used

6.Twist and yarns per inch is less

7.Singles can be used.

8.Stretchability is high

9.Novelty yarns and textured yarns can be used.

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