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Root rot and stem rotMacrophomina phaseolina
Bacterial wiltPseudomonas solanacearum

1. ROOT ROT and STEM ROT – Macrophomina phaseolina


The fungus attacks the stem at the nodal region, causing shredding of the bark. In mature plants, necrotic lesions on the leaves appear at the apex and along their margins. Pycnidia are formed on the infected roots and stem

Pycnidial stage – Macrophomina phaseolina

Sclerotial stage – Rhizoctonia bataticola

Mode of Spread and Survival

The pathogen is Soil borne and seed borne, survives as Sclerotia in soil


Prolonged drought followed by irrigation encourage the disease


  • Crop rotation with non-host crops
  • Field sanitation
  • Use disease free seeds
  • Soil drenching with 0.1 % carbendazim

2. BACTERIAL WILT – Pseudomonas solanacearum


Affected plants become stunted and chlorotic. The leaves of diseased plants fall off and root system is poorly developed

Mode of Spread and Survival

The bacterium spreads through wind splashed rains and survives in infected plant debris


  • Field sanitation
  • Crop rotation 
  • Running of irrigation water from diseased field to other field should be prevented

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