Ecosystem Management – How to sustain and enhance the Quality of ecosystem

Ecosystem Management

It is a process that integrates ecological, socio economic and institutional factors into a comprehensive strategy in order to sustain and enhance the quality of the ecosystem to meet current and future needs. Ecosystem management emphasis on human role in judicious use of ecosystem and for sustained benefits through minimal human impacts on ecosystems. Environmental degradation and biodiversity loss will result in depletion of natural resources, ultimately affecting the existence of human

Strategy of ecosystem management

•It is used to maintain biodiversity of ecosystems.

•It helps in indicating the damaged ecosystem (Some species indicate the health of the ecosystem: such species are called a f lagship species).

•It is used to recognize the inevitability of ecosystem change and plan accordingly.

•It is one of the tools used for achieving sustainability of ecosystem through sustainable development programme (or projects).

•It is also helpful in identifying ecosystems which are in need of rehabilitation.

•It involves collaborative management with government agencies, local population, communities and NGO’s.

•It is used to build the capacity of local institutions and community groups to assume responsibility for long term implementation of ecosystem management activities even after the completion of the project.

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