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English Conversation On Halloween Plan – spoken English Practices, How to plan for Christmas or Halloween?

Situation: Patrick and Sara are planning to go trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Because they are too young to go by themselves, their mom asks their two older siblings, either Christine
or Ian, to take them around the neighborhood.
Patrick: Wow! Today is October 30th! Halloween is tomorrow already! Have you decided what you will be dressing up for Halloween yet, Sara?
Sara: I’m not sure what I want to be yet. I want to be either a butterfly or a pumpkin. But why do we dress up for Halloween?
Patrick: Halloween is a festival for children, and costumes make it more special. I think we have much more fun going from house to house asking for candies (trick-or-treating) after sunset dressed in our favorite costumes.

Sara: Yes, I remember having a lot of fun last year when mom took me around in a bunny outfit. Do you know what you want to be yet, Patrick?
Patrick: I want to be Batman! I like wearing the cape and the mask. I think you should be a butterfly. You are so much shorter than me, and dressed in a pumpkin costume, someone might think you really are one and try to make a pie out of you.
Sara: How could anyone mistake me for a real pumpkin? Real pumpkins do not have a head or arms or legs. But I suppose I will be a butterfly anyway. I can have pretty wings.
Patrick: Great! So you will be a butterfly and I will be Batman. Let’s go ask Mom if we can go trick-or-treating tomorrow night by ourselves. Although you are still young, I think I am old enough to watch over the both of us.
Sara: OK, let’s go ask mom!
Patrick: MOM! Can Sara and I go trick-or-treating by ourselves tomorrow? I can watch over Sara and make sure she stays out of trouble.
Sara: Yes, Mom. If we go by ourselves, then you can stay home and relax. You will not have to get cold waiting for us.
Mom: Thank you for offering, Patrick. However, I will be worried and I will not be able to relax if you and your brother go by yourselves while I stay home. Let me ask Christine or Ian if one of them can go with both of you. Then I can stay home and relax. Christine! Ian!
Christine & Ian: What, Mom? You called us?

Mom: Do you have any free time tomorrow night? Can one of you take Patrick and Sara
around the neighborhood so that they can trick-or-treat on Halloween?
Christine: I can take them, Mom. I do not have any plans tomorrow.
Ian: Mom, I heard you wanted to go watch a movie tomorrow night with Dad. If you want, I can stay at home and give out candies to any trick-or-treaters who come by while Christine takes Patrick and Sara trick-or-treating.
Christine: Then you and Dad can have a little fun on Halloween too.
Sara: So Mom and Dad can relax!
Mom: Sounds like a plan, kids. Thanks a lot!
Patrick: Well, I think I am old enough to take Sara around by myself, but maybe we can get more candy if Christine comes. Hey Christine, how about you trick-or-treat with us, and give us
your candy afterwards?
Christine: No way, Patrick. I will eat every Hershey’s, Reese’s, Snickers, and Twix I get. You
can have my Jolly Ranchers though.
Ian: Well, it seems as though everything is settled and everyone will have some Halloween fun.
I think I am going to have the most fun of all though. I get to eat all the candies that I do not
give away, and I do not even have to trick-or-treat for it!

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