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Situation: Lisa is having some problems with her exercise bike, and she is calling Sport Center to have it repaired.

Nancy: Thank you for calling Sports Center. May I help you?
Lisa: I bought an exercise bike from your store last year, and I am having problems with it. I need to have it repaired.
Nancy: Let me connect you to the Service department. One moment please.

Karen: Service department, this is Karen. How can I help you?
Lisa: I bought an exercise bike from Sports Center last year and it needs to be repaired.
Karen: What seems to be the problem?
Lisa: I am not very sure, but I think there is a problem with the bike’s computer console because the LCD screen does not display the different features.

Karen: Nothing was on when you pushed the Start button?
Lisa: No, nothing.
Karen: What is your bike model?
Lisa: It is a 126 Upright Ford Bike.

Karen: I can send a technician out to take a look at your bike. It will cost $75.00 for labor. Also, if we have to replace any parts, that will be extra.
Lisa: That is expensive. Isn’t the repair cost covered by warranty?
Karen: When exactly did you purchase your bike?
Lisa: About fifteen months ago.
Karen: I am sorry. The standard warranty only covers a year. Did you buy extra warranty coverage at the time of purchase?
Lisa: No, I did not. Are there any other options besides paying $75.00 for repair labor?
Karen: No, I am afraid not.

Lisa: I guess I just have to pay for the repair. When can you send a technician?
Karen: I have next Thursday November the twenty third at 2:00PM available. Otherwise, the next date has to be December the eighth at 10:00AM.
Lisa: I take this coming Thursday. Will you send out a reminder?
Karen: Somebody will give you a call the evening before to confirm the appointment.
Lisa: Will the technician accept credit card payment?
Karen: Yes, he will. By the way, you can buy the extra warranty coverage now if you want to.
Lisa: How much does it cost?
Karen: Fifty dollars for one-year warranty, seventy-five dollars for two-years, and a hundred dollars for three-years.
Lisa: Does it cover both labor and materials?
Karen: It covers everything. Do you want to sign up for it?
Lisa: Oh, I do not know.
Karen: It will be good for you. We will send a technician any times the bike needs services. It does not matter how many times you call us in a year. Also, if we cannot fix the problem, we
will provide you with a new exercise bike.
Lisa: OK, I want to sign up for the two-year warranty program.

Karen: I think it is a good investment. Are you going to pay by credit card now or do you want me to send you a bill?
Lisa: Send me a bill, please.
Karen: One last thing before I let you go, I need your address please.
Lisa: 995 Silver Lake Street in Long Beach.
Karen: OK, it is all set. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Lisa: No. Thank you for your help.

Karen: You are welcome. Have a nice day!

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