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English Conversation On Two Students Studying for an upcoming Test – Learn Spoken English through conversation regarding test

Situation: Two college students, Mary and Alexis, are studying for an upcoming sociology test.
Mary: Hey Alexis, I am glad you decided to come over to my house to study for our upcoming exam. The sociology test seems to be very difficult. I have studied all the materials, but I am still not confident about my performance this Friday.
Alexis: Yes, this test is going to be hard, but since you have covered all the materials, you should be adequately prepared. I have read all the chapters, but I have not studied the notes from the lectures. Let’s do a review starting from chapter one and then we will work our way up through chapter three. Does that sound OK to you?
Mary: That sounds like a good idea. Let’s start!
Alexis: Well, in chapter one, the book covers the three fundamental points of view on sociology.Do you know what these three points of view are?
Mary: Yes, I think I do. They are the Functionalist, the Conflict, and the Interactionist perspectives. Is that right?
Alexis: Yes! You got it! Good job!
Mary: Thanks, Alexis! But what does each perspective believe?
Alexis: Well, you know what the Functionalist Perspective talks about. It is the easiest to remember.
Mary: Oh yes! That one talks about how everyone has a function in society. It states that everyone has a function in life where their collective actions will be put together for the benefit of society.
Alexis: That is correct! No need to ask, but I think you understand very well what the other two perspectives are all about, right?
Mary: Yes, I can explain very precisely what they are. There is no need for me to do a review on them. Let’s finish the other chapters.
Alexis: Well, how about you quiz me on chapter two.
Mary: Sure. Well, in chapter two, the book discusses Max Weber. Who was Max Weber and what was his opinion on the issue of organization?
Alexis: Well, Max Weber was one of the founders of the modern study of sociology. He believed that organizing requires communication, coordination, and control.

Mary: That is correct! You are doing really well too, Alexis!
Alexis: Thanks Mary! I feel pretty good chapter two. Let’s take a break right now and we will finish going over the main parts of chapter three when we come back.
Mary: Chapter three is the most difficult chapter. I have read the chapter twice on top of reviewing all my lecture notes, and it is still quite confusing. Maybe I just made a big deal out of nothing.
Alexis: Chapter three covers quite a few different concepts. It might be better for us to write down each concept and then carefully do a comparison of their similarities and differences. I bet
our teacher will ask us to write a short essay on each concept as part of the exam.
Mary: Do you think so? I better get myself prepared since we only have an hour to finish the exam. I am never good at writing as I always have difficulties putting my thoughts on paper. I have worked so hard to overcome this problem, but I still have not improved much. Maybe, I have a tendency of over analyzing things.
Alexis: I do not think that is your problem. It is probably a case of anxiety. Try to relax and take it easy. Things get worse when you do not have control of yourself.
Mary: I know, I know. However, I cannot help it. It is good that you suggested we take a break. I need to have a clear mind when we start on chapter three. Let’s go find something to eat and listen to some soothing music for a while.
Alexis: OK, Mary.

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