Factors Affecting Clothing Selection- Factors affecting which influence our choice of clothing- factors affecting selection of clothing

The clothes that you choose to buy and wear are influenced by several factors such as age, climate, occasion, income and occupation.

● Climatic Factors

People living in cold climate need to wear woollen clothes to keep warm. People living in very hot climates as in desserts need to wear turbans of thick cloth to protect their heads and wear garments made of cotton to stay cool.

● Occasion

Bright coloured garments are worn during marriage functions for eg., lehanga cholis, ghagras and shararas often accompanied by bright accessories. Simple clothing with minimum accessories like a formal salwar kameez will give a more professional look for an interview. Sari, formal trousers shirt, tie would be a good option for the wearer to feel active and confident.

● Age

Clothes worn by an adult woman are definitely not the same as those worn by a college going girl. For small children dainty prints in soft colours can be chosen. When children enter late childhood stage, boys like masculine colours like blue, greyish blue and brown and girls like to wear feminine colours like pink, green, red etc. Teenagers like to have variety in their clothes. Selection of clothes for adults depends upon the type of work a person is engaged.

● Income

Income affects the selection of clothing. High income group spend more percentage of money on clothing as compared to low income group. They spend more money on fashionable garments rather than on durable clothes. People belonging to low income group prefer durable clothes rather than delicate ones. So, the preferences of the clothing changes according to the income of the family.

● Occupation

Many professions have a specific dress code which gives them a special identity. For example: People working in the hotel industry, airlines, traffic policemen, security guards, etc. Certain specialized activities require special apparel. For example: Special overalls are worn in the laboratory, during mixing chemicals for pest control by people or by those who work in nuclear power plants. They protect the workers against radiation hazards. Firemen wear apparel made of fireproof fabrics.

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