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FASSI – How to obtain the FSSAI License?, How to obtain the Liquor License?, How to obtain the Health / Trade License for restaurant?, How to get the GST Registration?, How to get NOC from the Fire Department?, How to get the certificate of Environmental clearance?

How to obtain the FSSAI License?

Submit the printout of the filled up online application form to the Regional / State Authority with all the supportive documents within 15 days from the date of making the online submission for the application to be considered.

(ii) Liquor License

If the food service organization serves liquor, then procuring the liquor license is a must. This can be obtained from the Local Excise Commissioner and the forms are available at the respective State Government websites.

Documents required for the Liquor License

☆Documentary proof regarding the legal status of the restaurant or the hotel, that is, whether it is a company, partnership firm or any other type of set up.

☆Whether the restaurant or the hotel is in legal possession of the plot.

☆A certificate that validates the completion of the restaurant or the hotel building

☆Trade license from the local authority

☆Certificate of registration of eating house license issued by the DCP

☆Documentary proof regarding applicant being an Income Tax Assessee and Sales Tax Assessee.

☆A complete layout plan of the establishment, site plan of the license outlets and the liquor stores.

☆NOC from the State Fire Service

How to obtain the Liquor License?

Once the documents are served, the concerned Excise Officer inspects the restaurant or the hotel premises and he then submits a report to the liquor granting authority.

After the approval, the applicant has to submit the fees as per the guidelines and then the license is issued.

(iii) Health / Trade License

This license is generated by the Local Civil authorities like the State’s Municipal Corporation or the Health Department.

Documents required for the Health / Trade License

Sanction and completion (Includes ownership proof, Rent Agreement or NOC from landlord)

Three copies of site plan and layout.

Indemnity bond for Rs.100/

Structural stability certificate signed by structural designer

Power and water paid bill

Sewer connection proof

Water testing reports

Plan of the premises

Medical certificate of employees

Proof of property tax

Medical fitness certificate of workers

How to obtain the Health / Trade License for restaurant?

A restaurateur can apply for Health / Trade License either at Citizen’s Service Bureaus or online.

The forms are available at the State’s Municipal Corporation website or at Zonal Citizen’s Service Bureaus.

The license is generally issued within 60 days of submitting the application form.

(iv) GST Registration

GST that came into force since 1st of July, 2017 has kept everyone hitched to it with this frequent changes. Registering the GST is one of the major things that the restaurants must do. This will ensure that the restaurant runs seamlessly.

Documents required for the GST Registration

☆Proof of ownership / Tenancy rights of the business premises (Rent Agreement and Electricity bill)

☆Copy of Pan card of proprietor / partnership firm

☆Copy of Partnership deed

☆Copy of Aadhar card of Proprietor / all partners

☆One passport size photo of proprietor / all partners

☆Mail ID and mobile number to receive OTP and verification links of all partners.

☆Latest bank statement containing name, address and IFSC code.

☆List of items to be traded.

☆Digital signatures of authorized partners.

☆Authority letter in favour of dealing partner.

How to get the GST Registration?

An individual, partnership firm or registered company can obtain GST Registration by filling basic documents online at

(v) Fire Department

The restaurant’s main motive must be to protect their customers from all things injurious, be it food products or hazards such as fire.

A No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the fire department is also required to run a restaurant.

How to get NOC from the Fire Department?

☆A restaurant needs to register for NOC from the State Fire Department before the building construction starts.

☆Application can be found online on the State Government website.

☆After having all the safety equipment in place, must invite the Chief Fire Officer for inspection and get the NOC.

(vi) Lift Clearance

☆If the multi-storey restaurant want to install lifts, need to get clearance from an inspector from the electricity department as well as the Labour Commissioner of that specific city.

☆This license is issued by the Electrical Inspector from the office of the Labour Commissioner after verifying installation of life, layout and safety gears.

(vii) Music License

Music license need to obtain to play music in the restaurant. Under the Copyright Act of 1957, those who play pre recorded music in any nonprivate, commercial or non-commercial establishments must obtain a music license issued by Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL).

(viii) Certificate of Environmental Clearance

The restaurant is not only responsible for ensuring the health of the customers, they are also legally and morally bound to ensure that its operations must not negatively harm the nature of mother earth.

Hence, restaurants are also expected to apply for certificate of environmental clearance.

Documents required

☆The Environmental Impact Assessment Report / Environment Management Plan

☆Details of Public hearing

☆NOC granted by State regulators.

T he restaurateur should submit the above documents with the application to obtain certificate of Environmental clearance.

How to get the certificate of Environmental clearance

Acquiring the certificate also involves screening, scoping and evaluation of the project to examine its impact on the environment.

(ix) Signage License

Marketing of the products through word of mouth, logos, posters, pictures and symbols, required to obtain a legal permit which is the signage license. This license can obtain from local civil authorities like the Municipal corporations.

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