Food Services Management

FSSAI – Welfare of employees, Procedure for getting approval for 5 star categories, Licenses and Registrations for a Food Service Organization, FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority License), Types of FSSAI Registration

Welfare of employees

Most importantly, the employer has to create healthier, safer working environments through training, outreach, education and assistance to the employees.

☆Provide a hazard communication programme for employees

☆Train employees properly to prevent accidents

☆Provide necessary protective equipment

☆Have access to a first aid kit

☆Display posters from the Department of Labour that inform employees of the protections and rights.

Similar to location and building approval of restaurants, hotels need to get consent for their ratings. The ratings of hotels are important because they give prospective customers a rough idea of what they can expect from a hotel. Hotel ratings are often used to classify hotels according to their standards of facility and services.

Procedure for getting approval for 5 star categories

The Hotel and Restaurant Approval and Classification Committee (HRACC) inspects and assesses the hotels based on the facilities and services offered.

☆All application for classification must be complete in all respects – application form, application fee, prescribed clearances, NOC’s and other certificates.

☆Upon receipt of application complete in all respects, the hotels will be inspected by a classification committee.

☆A committee comprising Ministry officials and representatives from the hospitality and tourism industries.

☆The recommendations will be sent to HRACC Division (Ministry of Tourism, Government of India) within 5 working days.

☆The recommendation of the HRACC inspection committee will be approved by the Chairperson (HRACC) / Additional Director General (Tourism) expeditiously.

To start a food business / food service organization, a lot of rules and regulations need to be followed. This is because any kind of negligence in a food business can be fatal for the consumer. So food business has to undergo a lot of compliance. Therefore a food business needs a whole host of licenses and permits to run smoothly without any intervention.

Licenses and Registrations for a Food Service Organization

What are the licenses required to start a food service organization?

(i) FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority License)

(ii) Liquor License

(iii) Health / Trade License

vi) Goods Service Tax (GST) Registration

(v) Fire Department

(vi) Lift Clearance

(vii) Music License

(viii) Certificate of Environmental Clearance

(ix) Signage License

(i) FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority License)

The Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 has brought in tremendous changes to the food industry with an effort to make available to consumers, safe and standardized foods. The food safety and standards Act, 2006 has made FSSAI registration mandatory for food business operators and food products.

Types of FSSAI Registration

FSSAI registration for food business can be obtained through the FSSAI Food Licensing and Registration System. FSSAI registration for food business falls under one of three categories.

■Central License

■State License

■Basic License

FSSAI Registration – Central License

Food business operators like cent percent Export oriented units, large manufactures, importers, food business operators in Central Government Agencies, airport, seaport need to obtain FSSAI registration from Central Government.

FSSAI Registration – State License

Food business operators like small to medium sized manufacturing units, storage, transporter, retailers, marketers, distributors, need to take FSSAI registration from State Government.

FSSAI Registration – Basic License

Food business operators who are petty food manufacturers can obtain registration from the state government by submitting minimal documents.

Documents Required for the FSSAI License

The lists of documents that are needed to apply for the FSSAI License are following:

☆Id proof and address proof

☆Valid Email Id

☆Phone number


☆Declaration of Food Safety Management Plan

☆Water testing reports

☆Plan of the premises

☆Medical certificate of employees

☆Proof of property tax

☆Medical fitness certificate of workers

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