Functioning of House of People (Lok Sabha)

The parliament has two houses and both houses carry the same values and responsibilities with a few exception such as passing the finance bills. The first one is the Lok Sabha (Lower House or House of People) with 543 members elected from 543 Parliamentary constituencies across the country directly by the people who have attained the age of 18 and above and registered as voters.The Lok Sabha has 2 nominated members from the Anglo Indian community.

Quorum of the House:

One tenth of the total number of members of Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha constitutes the quorum for a meeting of the House.

The grand total number of members in the Lok Sabha is 545, but the nominated members cannot decide the government when it proves majority on the floor of the House. The Lok Sabha is the highest forum for discussion, debate on public issues, interest and policies to cater to the socio-economic needs of the people. The members of both houses are generally called by the public as Member of Parliament. Member of Parliament, Lok sabha is one who represents the constituency of the state, comprising of six Assembly constituencies, directly elected by the people through elections. The term of the Lok Sabha is for five years.

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