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Fundamentals of Computers- Introduction to Computers- what is the information of computer- what is computer and basic of computer- what is computer full information- what is computer short notes

Introduction to Computers

Computers are seen everywhere around us, in all spheres of life, in the field of education, research, travel and tourism, weather forecasting, social networking, e-commerce etc. Computers have now become an indispensable part of our lives. Computers have revolutionized our lives with their accuracy and speed of performing a job, it is truly remarkable. Today, no organization can function without a computer. In fact, various organizations have become paperless.

Computers have evolved over the years from a simple calculating device to high speed portable computers. The growth of computer industry started with the need for performing fast calculations. The manual method of computing was slow and prone to errors. So, attempts were made to develop fast calculating devices, the journey started from the first known calculating device (Abacus) which has led us today to an extremely high speed calculating devices.

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