Computers Aided Design.

Cadit quaesitio:

The matter admits of no further arguments.


Computers Aided instruction.

Calculated risk:

A risk which has been undertaken after careful consideration has been given to the likely outcome.

Call account :

A bank account which usually pays a higher rate of interest from which investors can make instant withdrawals.

Callable :

Usually applies to bonds or convertible securities which can be bought back at an agreed price before maturity by the company or government which sold them.

Call risk :

The risk that bonds will be redeemed before maturity. This possibility increases during periods of falling interest rates.


Computers adied manifesting.

Cap and collar :

The upper and lower limits of interest rates on a loan usually fixed for a specific period of time.

Capacity to listen :

The supervisor must have the capacity to listen to what others say. This may be necessary to obtain information solve problems share experiences and so on.

Capacity to pay :

Large fast growing and diversified companies generally pay higher remuneration is to their executives than small and stagnant .

Capital allowances :

Money spent by a company on fixed assets, such as buildings, vehicles, machinery, which is dedicated from its profits before tax is calculated.

Captial assed pricing model ( CAPM) :

Model of the securities markets based on portfolio analysis.

Capital :

Capital is the owners financial interest (or) holding in the business.

Capital employed :

The total of investment made in a business.

Capital expenditures:

It consist of expenditure the benefit of which is not fully consumed in one period but spread over several periods.

Capital flight :

The sudden movement of money from one country or investment to another in order to reduce risk,such as high information,or to increase profits.

Capital fund :

A term something applied to the capital account of a non profit making organisation.

Capital gains tax :

Tax payable on profits made on the sale of certain types of assets by a company or individual.

Capital markets :

It is the market for borrowing and learning long term capital funds required by business.

Capital outlay :

Money which is spent for the acquisition of assets, such as land, buildings, vehicles, machinery.

Capital structure :

The composition of an enterprise sources of funds especially long term.

Capital investment:

See capital expenditure.

Capitalisation :

convert income into financial capital.

Card reader :

Reflector mechanical device that reads data from a sequence of paper cards.

Career anchor :

The basic drive that give the urge take up a certain type of career.

Career counseling :

Guided and advising people on their possible career paths and what they must do to achieve promotion.

Career development :

The personal movement an individual makes to achieve his career plan.

Career goals :

The future position one strives to reach part of a career.

Cash at bank :

The amount that a enterprise has in a bank account.

Cash book :

A book of account containing a record of cash peceipts and payment.

Cash budget :

An estimate of cash receipts and disbursements during a future period of time.

Cash call :

A request by a company to its shareholders torinvest more money.

Cash cow :

A steady dependable source of income which provides money for the rest of a business.

Cash discount :

A discount receivable or allowable on payment of on invoice within an agreed period.

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