Words and Its Meanings

Chain of command :

A system in a business or in the military in which authority is wielded and delegated from top management down through every level of a chain of command instructions flow downwards and accountability flows upwards.

Challenging jobs :

Knowledge workers want to have in which require the use of latest technology and practice.

Challenging work :

Workers who are dynamic in nature do not show preference for routine jobs. They are always ready or accept challenging assignments.

Chamber of commerce :

A group of business owners in town or city who form a network of promote local business.

Change agent’s :

Any planned change needs change agent’s.

Changes in work force :

The changes in organisation structure resulting from transfers promotions etc..,

Change :

It refers to any alteration in the work environment that requires people doing work to make certain adjustment.

Channel of distribution :

Also known as distribution channel. A means of distributing a product from the manufacturers the customer end user via warehouse, wholesalers, retailers,etc..,

Charisma :

Leadership characteristics that inspires and influence employees to take early and sustained action to carryout a vision.


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