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GLOSSARY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – Words and Its meanings start with Letter Cl


Class A spot :

In the media commercial which are run on a prime time network.

Class action :

A lawsuit in which one person makes a claim and sues on behalf of a large group of people who have similar legal claims usually against a company or organisation.

Class room training :

Under this method training is provided in class rooms or in educational institution.

Classical organisation theory :

Some thing traditionally accepted of long established.

Clear objective :

A good plan should be based on clearly defined objectives.

Clear objectives :

The objectives and scope of a training programs should be clearly defined.

Clearing :

The process of setting items off against each other and dealing only with net balances.

Cliklexia :

Ironic computing slang for a user tendency to double click on items when a single click is required often causing the widow or utility to open twice.

Clicks and mortar:

Also known as clicks and bricks. Refers to business which trade on the internet as well as having traditional retail outlets such as shops.


A record of an internet user including every web site and web page which have been visited and e mail sent and received.

Click through:

When a person click on an advertisement on a web page which takes them to the advertiser’s website.

Close company:

In the uk a company which is controlled by five or less director.

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