Commission :

Payment to an agent for selling something.

Commitment :

The extent to which the employer are committed to their work and organisation has a significant bearing on an organisation performance.


Found in every large organisation.

Committee organisation :

A committed is a group of person entrusted with certain task.


Communication means information between the two subordinates.

Comparative advantage:

See definition for competitive advantage.

Concept :

A thought or motion an idea for a new product advertising campaign etc

Concept :

An abstract idea.

Conference call :

A telephone call which allows three or more people to take part at the same time.

Consignment :

A batch of goods sent or delivered.

Consistency :

The state of being consistent.


Use up a resources.

Contract :

Enter into a legally binding agreement.

Contribution :

Sales minus variable cost.

Control :

Measurement and information where as control is related to directions.

Controlling :

Used in terms of process of control.

Co operation:

To building of an institution.

Cost :

Actual expenditure incurred for acquiring or producing a goods or services.

Cost of capital :

The cost to the business of raising new finance.

Cost (s) :

An amount of expenditure on a defined activity.

Cost pool :

The costs collected that relate to each activity.

Costing :

The estimated cost of doing or producing something.

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