Cube farm:

An open office which is divided into cubicles.

Cum- means’with’ :

A cum price includes the right to any recently declared divided or right share or bonus share.

Culpability :

Blame or liability for harm or damage to others from Latin colpa meaning fault.

Currency bloc :

A group of countries that use the same currency for example the euro.

Current account :

A bank account which can be used to make deposits withdrawals cash cheques pay bill,etc..,

Current assets:

Also called liquid assets. A company’s cash or assets which can be converted into cash usually within one year including sharing inventory etc..,

Current cash equivalent:

The measure of assets and liabilities used in continuously contemporary accounting.

Current liability:

A liability which is expected to have been paid within one year from the date of the BIS.


An individual company etc.,who purchases goods and or services from other individuals companies stores etc.,

Cut and paste:

The process of taking part of a tile and inserting if in to another place in the same tile or in to another tile.

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