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GLOSSARY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – Words starts with Di – Vocabularies



Process of identifying a disease from its signs and symptoms.


Describes works of literature or art which are intended be to informative or instructional especially morally rather than entertainment. From the ancient Greek word didaskein which means to teach.

Differential cost:

The difference in the expected total cost of a project if a given decision is made and also referred to as an incremental cost.

Digital computer:

A computer that used storage technique.


Dilapidation means a state of disrepair or ruin something.

Dirty money :

Money made from illegal activities which needs laundering so that it appears to be legitimate.


To pay out money from a large fund e.g. a treasury or public funds.


Obedience respect of authority and observance of the established rules


Discount means a deduction from the usual cost of something and it choosen not to believe something because it seems unlikely.

Discount loan:

A loan on which the finance charges and interest is paid before borrower receive the money.

Discount window:

In the US when bank can borrow money from the federal reserve low interest rates.


The process of calculating present value of projected cash flows.


A variable tax levied on goods depending from which country they were imported.


A generic name for magnetic storage media using flat circular platters.


The act of ending a legal case or termination of a judicial proceedings.


Deprived someone or something of.


A portion of profits paid by a company to its shareholders.

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