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Bachelor of laws :

A degree granted to a person who has successfully completed graduation from a law school. This degree is abbreviated as L.L.B, and nowadays some law schools grant a juris doctor degree instead of the former.

Back up :

The process of making a copy of a file for active purposes.

Back shift :

A group of workers the period workers from late afternoon until late at night in an industry or occupation where there is also a day shift and a night shift

Back of music :

In the entertainment businesses, films,TV ,etc.., dialogue which is spoken over music.

Back End load :

A fee or commission paid by in individual when they sell their shares in an investment fund.

Back scratching :

Informal term for reciprocity or returning favours,as in the term you scratch my back and I ll scratch yours.

Back- To- Back loan :

A loan in which two companies in separate countries borrow each other money at the same time for a specific period at an agreed upon interest rate.

Bad debt :

An amount owing which is not expected to be received and is therefore written off either to a bad debts account or to a previously established provision for bad debts.

Bad debts recovered :

Collection in whole or part of debts originally written off as bad.

Balance :

The difference between two sided of an account.

Balance sheet :

A financial statement of an individual, company or organisation, which shows assets and liabilities at a specific date.

Bank :

An organisation offering financial services especially loans and the safekeeping of customers money.

Bank card :

A plastic card issued by the bank, a bank card allows to access bank account. This can be in the form of an ATM card,a Debit card or a credit card.

Bank charges :

It is made by a bank for services rendered.

Bank loan :

A loan by a bank to an individual company etc., for a fixed term,to be repaid with interest.

Bank over draft:

An overdrawn balance on cash at bank account.

Bank regulation :

This is a form of government regulation where banks are subjected to certain rules and guidelines issued by the government.

Banker :

A person who manages or owns a bank.

Bankers house :

A short working day often with a long lunch break.

Banking :

The business activity of a bank

Back note :

A price of paper money issued by a central bank.

Bankrupt :

A person against whom a bankruptcy order has been made by the court.

BASIC _ beginners all purpose symbolic instruction

Basic standard :

A standard cost that remains a permanent basis for comparing.

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