Docking station:

A device to which notebook computer or a laptop can be connected so it can serve as a desktop computer.


A legal doctrine is a rule or principal of law framework set of rules when established by a precedent through which judgements can be determined in given legal cast


Document means a piece of written printed or electronic matter that provides information or evidence.


In the entertainment industry a piece of equipment on wheels which allows the camera to move smoothly for long walking shots.


Disk Operating System


In the film and tv industry a person who stands in or is substituted for a principal actor.

Double jeopardy:

Double jeopardy is based on the principal that no person can the punished more than once for the same offense.

Double sampling plan:

In the double sampling plan at the maximum two samples will be drawn before accepting projecting a lot.

Double taxation:

Double taxation is taxation of the same property for the same purpose twice in a year or taxation of corporate dividends twice.

Double dip recession:

A recession during which there is a brief period of economic growth followed by a slide back into recession.


A birthing or labour coach from the greek work doule meaning female slave.


In force has been going on in the last some years.


Refers to lowering of ratings for a share by analysis intermediaries or investors.

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