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Words starts with BE

Bean counters :

An important derogatory term for an accountant, especially one who is perceived or suggested to be overly concerned about expenditure detail.


Also known as a Beano an annual party dinner or outing given by an employer for its employees.

Bear market :

In the stock market a period of declining prices in which investors continue selling shares expecting the prices to fall further.

Bearer :

As per the law of negotiable instruments a bearer is a person who is in actual possession of a negotiable instrument Like a cheque bank draft promissory note ect.,

Bearer bill :

A person or thing that carries soming/ a person who presents a cheque or other order to pay money

Behaviour response :

The assessors are trained to fours on the behaviours of the participants.

Behemoth :

A large and powerful organisation

Bells and whistles :

Extra features added often more for show than function, especially on computers,cameras, etc.,to make the product more attractive to buyers.

Bench :

A term used to denote the seat of the judge in a court room or the judge himself. It is also used as a collective term for all judges in a court.

Bench mark :

A standard against which things may be compared.

Bench warrant :

An order issued by a judge for an absent defendant to be arrested and brought before a court.

Beneficiary :

An individual or an organisation entitled to some assets or profits, through some legal device like a will,trust, insurance policy,ect..,

Benefit principle :

A taxation principle which states that those who benefit more from government expenditure, financed by taxes, should pay more tax for the product or service than those who benefit less.


Gifts of personal property left by a last will or testament.

Best ask :

The lowest price at which a stock is quoted to be sold.

Best bid:

The highest price quoted for a particular stock to be bought.

Best boy:

The person on film sets, TV,etc..,who is the assistant to the electrician.

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