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Biased assessment :

Evaluating the performance of the human resources is an integral Part of human resource management.

Bid bond:

A sum agreed to be paid by a company that wins a contract if the work is not carried out.


Offier to buy something at a certain price.

Bidder :

A person who offer a price.

Bilateral :

Agreement or involvement or action by two parties, people, companies, countries,etc..,

Bill :

A draft of a proposed law which has been presented before a legislative body for approval. An approval Bill is enacted as law. The term is also used to denote e-statement, whereby one person acknowledge himself to owe into another a certain amount or some particular thing.

Bill of exchange :

A Bill of exchange is an unconditional written order from one person to another asking the latter to pay a fixed amount to a third person at a fixed date. A cheque is like a bill exchange drawn on a bank account.

Bill of lading :

A document signed by the master of a ship on behalf of the owners acknowledging the receipt of goods put on board and setting out the terms and conditions under which the goods will be carried.

Bill of sale:

A document by which the owner of goods transfers to another person.

Bills payable :

Bills of exchange due for payment at a future date and hence a liability.

Bills receivable :

Bills of exchange on which payment is expected to be received at a later date and hence an asset.

Bincard :

A card recording for a particular material help in store receipts and issue and the balance which should be on hand.


Basic input output system


Binary digit a bit is capable of reading off or on condition mutually represented.

Bit part :

In films and TV,a supporting actor who has at least one line of dialogue, and who is usually listed in the credit.

Bit rate :

A method of measuring date transmission speed.

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