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GLOSSARY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – Major Topics and Its Meanings Used In Business

Black economy :

Money earned in private cash transactions, which is untraceable, and therefore untaxable.

Black kinght :

A company which makes a hostile takeover bid for another company that does not want to be bought.

Black letter law :

Well known principles of law that are not doubted or disputed.

Blind test:

Research method in which people are asked to try a number of similar products which are not identified by brand name,to decide which produce is the best.

Bloatware :

In computing software that needs so much computer memory that it takes a long time to load and therefore does not function properly.

Blue chip :

On the stock market,shares of a large company with a good reputation, whose value and dividends are considered to be safe and reliable.

Blue law :

In the US ,a law which regulates and limits activities for religious reasons, such as Sunday working or shopping.

Blue-sky law :

In the US a law designed to protect the public from buying fraudulent securities.

Blue-sky thinking :

Open-minded, original and creative thinking, not restricted by convention.

Bluetooth :

Wireless technology which allows data to be transferred over short distances between laptop computer, mobile phones, digital cameras,etc.,

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