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GLOSSARY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – Words and Its Meanings Starts with BO

Words starts with Letter BO

Body language:

Way in which People communicate meaning to others with their bodies in international interactions.


A section of standard text, especially a contract clause, inserted into legal documents,or instead increasingly referring to a standard section of code inserted into computer programs or other digital application.

Bonafide :

The Latin word for ‘good faith’. A bona fide purchaser of a property means a person who is genuine without any knowledge of defence in title.

Bond :

A certificate issued by a government promising to repay money lend to it at a fixed rate of interest and at a specified time.

Bonded warehouse :

A warehouse in which imported goods are Stored under bond until the import taxes are paid on them.

Bonus :

An amount received or paid in addition to a regular receipt or payment.

Bonus culture :

Term used when companies give their executive huge bonuses in addition to their large salaries even if their performance has been poor especially leaders of financial institutions.

Bonus dividend:

An additional dividend declared with the implication that it will not be paid on a regular basis.

Book- value :

The monetary account of an asset or a liability as stated in the balance sheet and books of account.

Book depreciation :

A decrease or loss in value of companies assets as recorded in the company finances.

Book- building :

The process of inviting bids from the merchant bankers for the sale of shares.

Book keeping :

Systematic recording of financial and economic transformation and other events.

Boomlet :

A small period of rapid growth in trade and economic activity.

Bootstrapping :

Starting a business from scratch and building it.

Bottom fishing :

Buying the cheapest investments available which are unlikely to fall much further in value.


Initiated by inviting those who will implement the budget to participate in the process of setting the budget. Also called a participative budget.

Boundary spanners :

Employees with strong communication links within the department with people in other units,and often with the external communications.

Bounded rationality :

Both the individual and organisation are bound by their ability to understand and process complete information available to them.

Bounty hunter

In the US someone who pursues criminals or fugitives and brings them to the police in exchange for a monetary reward.

Boutique hotel :

A small individual hotels, commonly within a historic buildings with luxurious stylish themed and furnished rooms, typically independently owned.

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