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Words starts with Br

Bracket creep:

Slowly moving into a higher tax bracket with samll pay increases over a period of time.

Brain drain :

The loss of highly skilled people to another region country or industry where they can work in a better environment and/ or earn more money.

Brain storming :

It is a technique used to solve a certain important organisation problem

Brand :

A unique identifying symbol, trademark, company name,etc.., which enables a buyer to distinguish a product or service from its competitors.

Brand association :

Something or someone which make people think of a particular product.

Brand equity :

The added value that exceeds just the functional benefits of a product or service associate with a brand name is known as brand equity.

Brand loyalty :

When a consumer repeatedly buys a particular brand of product and is reluctant to switch to another brand.

Branding :

A type of product made by a company under a particular name.


the act of violating a legal obligation or a failure to do a is breach of contract, when a party to a contract fails to perform the terms or violates the terms of the contract. A failure on the part of a trustee to perform his duties is called a breach of trust

Bread and butter :

The main source of income of a company or an individual .

Break down maintenance :

Break down maintenance is the repair which is generally done after the equipment has attained down state.under such situations,a firm can opt for break down maintenance.

Break even chart:

A chart on which are plotted total revenue and total cost at various levels of activity.

Break even point:

It is the point where the total sales are equal to total cost. In this point there is profit (or) no loss in the volume of sales.

Break even analysis :

Study the relationship between costs volume and profit at different levels of sales or production.

Bribery :

The receiving or offering money or some valuable items to any public official with the objective of influencing his official decisions contrary to his duty.

Broker :

A person who buys and sells goods or share’s for other people.

Brokerage :

Payment made to a broker for services rendered.

Broker :

Intermediary between a buyer and a seller.

Brown goods :

Household electrical entertainment appliances such as televisions radios and music systems.

Brown field:

Previously developed land either commercial or industrial which has been cleared for redevelopment.

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