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Words starts with Letter Bu

Bubble economy :

An unstable boom when the economy experience an unusually rapid growth with rising share prices and increased employment.

Budget :

Allocation of funds or the estimation of costs a department, project,etc., over a specific period. The management of spending and saving money.

Budget :

A quantitative expression of a plan of activity.

Budgetary control :

A process that involves the preparation of an initial plan consistent with the goals a business.

Budgeted cost

A cost including in a budget.

Budget committee :

A group of people brought together to manage each stage of the budgetary process.

Budgetary planning and control :

Specialist techniques to quantify the strategy of the enterprise.

Budgetary system :

Services the needs of management in making judgements and decisions exercising planning and control and achieving effective communication and motivation

Budgeted fixed overhead cost rate:

Fixed overhead cost rate per unit set in advance.

Business strategic planning :

Involves preparing evaluating and selecting strategy to achieve objective of a long term plan of action within a defined business activity.

Buffer :

A temporary storage location for data used many software applications to improve like handing capatrilities. Bus set of wires printed circuitry used for transmission of data or power.

Buffer stocks :

Commodity stockpiler managed in such a way as to moderate price fluctuations. Goods may be sold from a stock file when prices reach….

Built to flip :

Companies which have been sold soon after they have been created so that money can be made quickly.

Bull Market :

On the stock market a prolonged period in which share prices are rising and investors are buying.

Bulldog market :

A bulldog market is slang for the UK stock market.

Bullet point :

A symbol,e.g a dot or a square printed at the beginning of each item on a list.

Bureaucracy :

Used widely with invidious connections director at government and business.

Business :

A person’s concern.

Business administration :

The term business administration refers to the universal process for the management of business operation and making or implementing of major decisions.

Business analyst:

The term is used to describe a person who is responsible for analyzing the business needs of prospective clients and helps identify business problems and propose solutions.

business entity :

A business unit is separate and distinct from the persons who Supply capital to it

Business expenses :

The expenses of a business is the total cost incurred in carrying out a trade or a business.

Business plan :

A written document which sets out a business’s plans and objective and how it will achieve them marketing development production etc..,

Business To business :

Business to business commercial transactions or activities between business.

Business to consumer :

Transactions in which business’s sell goods and/ or services to end consumers or costomers.

Button Ad :

A small advertisement an a website typically measuring 120×90 pixels.

Buying :

Needs and wants to buy a product.

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