GLOSSARY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – Words Starts with Cr and Its Meanings


Craft union:

It is an organisation of workers employed in a particular craft trade or occupation. Therefore such unions lend to be well lenity and cohesive.


Items of little importance or poor quality rubbish.

Crash cost :

The cost associated with the normal time is called normal cost and the cost associated with the crash time is called crash cost.

Crash limit :

While crashing a particular activity there is a lower limit beyond which it is not possible to reduce its time any more. This is called crash limit is a lower limit of that activity.

Crash time :

The execution of various activities can be expedited if necessary. This is called crashing of activity timings.

Crashing of project network :

In any project net work,the first stage is to determine critical path with normal activity timings.

Crawling peg:

A system of frequently adjusting a country exchange rate by marginal amount because of inflation etc.

Creating knowledge :

It involves identifying the kinds of knowledge will create the most value of the organisation and the creating mechanism for increasing that Stoke of knowledge.

Creativity :

In origination provides ample scope for the individual to exhibit their creative skill.

Credit :

An arrangement in which an item for sale is received by the purchaser and paid for at a later date. A loan. The positive balance in a bank account. An amount entered in a company’s accounts which has been paid by a debtor.

Creditors :

Persons or organisations that are owed money by the entity.

Credit analysis :

The process of analysing a company’s financial records and assessing its ability to repay a loan etc.

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