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Hepatitis A

It’s the most highly contagious liver infection, which is caused by hepatitis A virus. This virus cause inflammation of liver and affects the ability of liver function

Causative organism

* Hepatitis A virus[HAV]

* Hepatovirus

Incubation period

* 14 to 28 days

Symptoms of Hepatitis A

* Fatigue

* Nausea and vomiting

* Abdominal pain

* Clay – Coloured bowel movement

* Loss of appetite

* Joint pain

* Yellow skin

* Intense itching


* Replacement of nutrition and fluids

* Pain relievers

* Complete rest

* Avoid alcohol

* Complete 3 month medical attention is needed.

Preventive measures

* Hepatitis A vaccine is must to prevent

* Two doses are needed,Protect yourself in working and in travelling places.

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