HIV and AIDS, Transmission of HIV, Symptoms of HIV and Aids

HIV is a virus that damages the immune systems, which helps the body to off infection.

Causative organism

* Human immuno deficiency virus

Incubation period

* Between 2 weeks to months, or longer

*Through Body

Transmission of HIV

* Body Fluids

* Blood

* Breast milk

* Semen

* Vaginal and rectal fluids

* Sharing needles or Syringes.

F Sharing tattoo equipment

* During pregnancy from mother to baby

* Through (pre –mastication) chewing baby’s food before feeding to them

HIV not spread through skin-to skin contact, hugging, shaking hands, kissing, sharing food, dung, sharing toilets or bedding, clothing and not through insects.


* Dry , flaky skin (xeroderma)

* Chronic fatigue

* Fever that comes and goes (pyrexia)

* Heavy night sweets

* Rapid weight loss

* Swollen lymph nodes

* While spots on tongue, mouth, throat

* Recurrent or chronic diarrhoea

* Anxiety and depression


* Antibody /Antigen test (After18-45days after exposure of HIV

* Antibody Test (23 and 90 days after transmission)

* Nucleic acid test

* HIV screening


* Antiretroviral therapy, its grouped into six classes

* NRTIs (nucleoside reverse trans criptase inhibitors

NNRTIs (non-nucleoside reverse trans criptase inhibitors

* Protease inhibitors

* Fusion inhibitions

* CCR5 Antagonists

* Integrase stand transfer inhibitionsHIV-Prevention

* Get tested for HIV

* Limit sexual partners

* Avoid sharing needless

* Stay away from drugs

* Avoid blood contact

* Practice safe sex

* Take action if you have exposed to HIV

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