what is Woven Fabric and Knitted Fabric

Woven Fabric

Weaving is the art of interlacing warp and weft at right angle direction. This compact construction creates a strong fabric. In order to identify the right side of the fabric, the design on the woven fabric should be observed. When the floats of a design are less and the motif is clear it is the front side of the woven fabric. Contrastingly, when the motif is of dull shade or more floats (loose unwoven threads) are seen on the surface that is the back side of the fabric. This is a very typical case of a jacquard fabric.

Knitted Fabric

When the fabric has loopy structure, and is extremely stretchy they are made by means of knitting. The looped structured of the knitting creates a very good drape like that of socks and warm feeling like the innerwear and sweater. The sample can be termed as knitted, when the closer view of the material reveals loop like structures. Examples are baniyan, panty, slip, sweater and jerkin.

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