How to Charge a Battery, What are all the methods available on charging

Battery Charging

The battery is charged by the
vehicle generator during vehicle running. When the engine is in off condition, the electrical device will utilise the stored electrical energy from the battery. This will quickly discharge the battery and it requires external charging to charge the

Method of Charging

1. Constant Voltage Method
2. Constant Current Method
3. Quick Charging Method

1. Constant voltage method

The charging voltage is kept constant throughout the charging process.
The charging current is high in the
beginning when the battery is in the
discharge condition. The current is
gradually dropping off as the battery
picks up charge

2. Constant current method

The charging current is kept
constant throughout the charging period. The charging may be carried out in two steps. An initial charging of approximately higher volt and a finishing rate of low volt is used to avoid excessive gassing or overheating.

3. Quick charging method

The 80% of the total charging is
done with high current and later the
charging current is reduced. A battery
in good condition alone charged in this method.

A battery is called as ‘dead battery’
when the battery is completely discharged

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