How To Do Maintenance Activity In A Clutch – Troubleshooting of a Clutch – Studymaterial

Maintenance methods of clutch

1. Clutch pedal free-play should be
checked and changed periodically.
2. Should check and adjust the gap in
between clutch plate and pressure
plate. (Note: gap should be 0.3 mm to
0.5 mm)
3. Clutch lining should be checked in
periodically. If any problem finds, it
should be cured.
4. Should not operate the clutch by
keeping legs continuously.
5. Clutch surfaces should be free from oil
and grease.
6. Clutch adjustment should be done
7. Clutch linkages should be checked

Troubleshooting methods in clutch

1. Clutch slip

1) Oil or grease in clutch plate – Clean it
2) Clutch lining damage – Should change to new
3) Pressure spring weakness – Should change
4) Pressure plate broken – Should change
5 Release lever broken – Should change

2. Clutch dragging

Troubles Troubleshooting methods

1) High free-play in clutch pedal – Should repair
2) Wrong clutch adjustment – Adjust properly
3) No proper release lever adjustment – Adjust properly
4) Clutch plate broken – Should change to new
5) Spring weakness – Should change

3. Clutch noise

Troubles Troubleshooting methods

1) Bearing broken – Should change
2) Lining broken – Should change to new
3) Clutch shaft broken – Should change to new
4) Release bearing damage – Should replace
5) Springs broken – Should change to new

4. Clutch plate rapid wear

Troubles Troubleshooting methods

1) Over weight in vehicle – Should maintain weight up to maximum limit
2) Always keeping legs in clutch pedal
-Should ignore
3) Low quality clutch lining – Should use good quality clutch lining
4 No proper clutch adjustment – Adjust properly

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